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Practical Ministries

The Seminary intends that all the students enrolled in ANTS should be thoroughly equipped with various practical ministerial skills and be able to execute them in the mission field.  In order to help students to develop the practical ministerial experiences and skills, the Seminary requires all the students to be involved in the following practical ministries.

Weekend Ministry: The Seminary considers weekend ministries as one of the important aspects for students to get involved in gaining practical experiences and developing ministerial skills during the course of their studies. Accordingly, the Seminary arranges the various ministry fields for all the students to be engaged during weekends all through their studies at ANTS.


Outreach Evangelism: ANTS recorgnizes  evangelism and the sharing of the Gospel of Christ as a God-given mandate to every believer. The Seminary,therefore, encourages and provides opportunities to every student to share the gospel of Jesus to different people groups living in the Himalayan regions, the plains of West Bengal, Bihar, Nepal and beyond. The seminary organizes a week-long evangelistic programme once in every academic year. During this time, members of faculty, office staff and students are divided into groups and are sent to different places to evangelize and to strengthen local churches.

Vacation Ministry: Students have three months vacations in an academic year. One month in the winter and two months in the summer. During these vacations students are required to involve in the practical ministries under the supervision of the local pastors/leaders and submit their report to the Dean of the Ministry upon their arrival in the Seminary for further assessments.